Speciality Epoxy Curing Agents / Latent Hardeners

GenieChem is very focused in bring speciality products to market and we look for partners than can manufacture and support this technical and sometimes complicated process.

Latent Hardeners is one such area where there is high interest, we have found over the years customers have all different requirements :- good pot life, low temperature cure, snap cure, slow cure, short second phase, fast second phase, low warpage, low exotherm, high tg, low tg you get the idea.

This is why we have a broad range of Latent Hardeners which we hope will fulfil your requirement and not only that, we can supply in different particle sizes (within reason), our products can range from an average of 10 microns and we can produce down to an average of 2 microns, added advantage with Latent Hardeners and Dicyandiamide is that the products have higher dispersability, low reactivity temperatures with higher reactivity properties.

A good couple of Latent Hardener examples are the LC80 and LC100.

LC80 is a snap cure system, starts to react at 80oC and cure can be adjusted by Dicy or other systems. Ideal for high throughput mouldings, thin film or adhesive systems. Excellent pot life, upto 6 months.

LC100 is an encapsulated solid amine, a slower cure than the LC80 but still quick at elevated temperatures, starts to react at 100oC and can also can be adjusted by other curing mechanisms. It can cure at 85oC if left for a prolonged period of time, with very low exotherm it is suited to a high number of applications where stability is critical, also has very good pot life, around 3 months.

In a nutshell...

GenieChem is a specialty chemical distributor working across many industries.

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